Chief Key Holder of the Kaaba, Passes Away

Sheikh Saleh Al-Shaiba, the chief Key Holder of the Kaaba and 109th successor of Uthman ibn Talha (RA), has passed away. The Janazah will be held following Fajr today at Masjid Al Haram, with the burial at Al Mu’alla Cemetery in Makkah. May Allah have mercy on his soul.

Sheikh Saleh Al-Shaiba, the respected Chief Key Holder of the Kaaba and the 109th successor of Uthman ibn Talha (RA), has passed away. Moreover, this marks the end of a long tradition of guardianship that goes back to the early days of Islam.

Sheikh Saleh Al-Shaiba’s family has an important place in Islamic history. The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) personally gave the keys to the Kaaba to his ancestor, Uthman ibn Talha (RA), assigning him a role of great honor and responsibility. The Al-Shaiba family has kept this duty for centuries, showing their commitment to the care of the Kaaba.

They will hold the funeral prayer for Sheikh Saleh Al-Shaiba after the Fajr prayer today at Masjid Al Haram. Many people, including leaders, scholars, and pilgrims, are expected to come to pay their respects. They will bury him at Al Mu’alla Cemetery in Makkah, where many of the city’s important figures rest.

People admired Sheikh Saleh Al-Shaiba not only for his role as the Key Holder but also for his humility, piety, and dedication to serving the Muslim community. His death is a great loss, and we will remember him for his lifelong service and strong commitment to protecting the Kaaba.

The Unforgettable Role

The role of the Key Holder is more than just a duty. It is a symbol of trust and continuity in Islamic history. The Al-Shaiba family’s guardianship of the Kaaba shows their lasting legacy and the trust given to them by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Moreover, this role involves caring for and protecting the Kaaba, ensuring its sanctity for the millions of Muslims who visit it every year.

As the Muslim community mourns Sheikh Saleh Al-Shaiba, they also offer their prayers and condolences to his family. Moreover, they pray that Allah (SWT) grants him mercy and paradise for his lifetime of service and devotion.

May Allah grant him high ranks in Jannah!

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