BJP’s Kangana Ranaut Slapped by CISF Staff

On Thursday, Bollywood actor and newly elected Member of Parliament (MP) from Himachal Pradesh’s Mandi constituency, Kangana Ranaut, was reportedly slapped by a Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) constable at Chandigarh Airport. The incident has sparked widespread controversy and discussion.

The altercation occurred at the security check-in area as Ranaut was about to board a flight to Delhi. According to eyewitnesses, Ranaut was seen arguing with CISF officers when the constable, named Kulwinder Kaur, allegedly slapped her. Kaur reportedly said, “This is for disrespecting farmers,” referring to Ranaut’s past comments about the farmers’ protests.

Ranaut had made several controversial statements during the 15-month-long farmers’ protest against the now-repealed farm laws. These comments had angered many, including Kaur, who felt provoked by Ranaut’s remarks.

Mobile phone footage captured by bystanders shows Ranaut surrounded by security personnel, gesturing and talking heatedly with CISF officers before the slap occurred. The video quickly spread on social media, drawing varied reactions from the public.

After arriving in Delhi, Ranaut did not speak to the media but later met with CISF Director General Nina Singh and other senior officials to discuss the incident. A special investigation team has been set up to look into the matter. Kaur has been detained for questioning at the CISF Commandant Office, and local police have been informed by one of Ranaut’s aides.

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The CISF Commandant has promised a thorough inquiry into the incident. Sources say that the investigation will carefully examine all the evidence, including the video footage and witness testimonies.

Kangna Wins Election in Himachal Pradesh

This incident comes shortly after Ranaut’s significant political victory. She recently defeated Congress rival Vikramaditya Singh by a margin of 74,755 votes, becoming the fourth woman ever elected to the Lok Sabha from Himachal Pradesh and the first not belonging to a royal family.

Following the incident, Kangna Ranaut posted a photo on Instagram with the caption, “On my way to parliament. Mandi ki sansad,” emphasizing her new role as an MP despite the controversy. The altercation has led to a heated debate, reflecting the ongoing tensions surrounding Ranaut’s political and public statements.

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