Rashmika Mandana Reveals Why She Avoids Speaking English at Public Events

Bollywood actress Rashmika Mandana, who recently wowed audiences in the blockbuster movie ‘Animal’ alongside Ranbir Kapoor, has opened up about why she often avoids speaking English at public events. This revelation came during the pre-release event of Anand Deverakonda’s new film ‘Gam Gam Ganesha,’ where Rashmika Mandana chose to speak in Telugu, sparking curiosity among her fans.

A fan shared a video clip from the event on social media and expressed their desire to hear Rashmika Mandana speak in English. The fan’s message read, “Today you looked very beautiful, and we are very happy to see you, but we want to hear you as much as we see you. But you continued to speak in Telugu at the event, which we couldn’t understand. If you speak in English, not only fans from the North but also those who speak Kannada, Tamil, or Malayalam will be able to understand you.”


Rashmika responded to this request with a heartfelt explanation. She wrote, “I try my best to speak in English so that all of you can understand me no matter where you belong. But I’m just worried about the fact that many people who want me to speak their language will think that I’m disrespecting the language or that I don’t know English. I will try my best to balance this.”

Her response resonated with many fans, who appreciated her thoughtfulness and effort to respect the diverse languages of her audience. Rashmika’s determination to respect different linguistic preferences while also being inclusive highlights her careful approach to her public image.

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Rashmika’s Explanation Surprised Fans:

Her explanation surprised and gratified fans. They admired her for considering the feelings of all her fans, no matter what language they speak. Rashmika’s openness and desire to connect with her audience in various languages show her genuine care for her fans.

Her thoughtful approach not only strengthens her connection with her audience but also underscores the importance of respecting linguistic diversity in a country as diverse as India. Rashmika Mandana’s effort to balance speaking in different languages demonstrates her commitment to being inclusive and respectful to all her fans.

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