List of Jobs That Can Get You Long-Term UAE Residency

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) recently announces a new 10-year “Blue Residency” visa, which aims to attract professionals in sustainability and environmental conservation. This long-term visa creates numerous jobs opportunities for environmentalists and climate activists, offering them job security while they work on their passion for the environment.

Dr. Amna bint Abdullah Al Dahak, the UAE’s Minister of Climate Change and Environment, mentions that the visa attracts experts in sustainability and climate from around the world. Professionals with education and training in sustainability find many job opportunities through this visa.

Libbie Burtinshaw, head of operations at PRO Partner Group, says the visa not only brings new talent to the UAE but also provides security to existing residents who may qualify for the visa. Environmental scientists and researchers are among those who benefit from this new opportunity.

According to experts, the visa will boost employment in several key areas:

  1. Environmental, Conservation, and Governance (ECG) Sector: Jobs in this sector involve creating guidelines and policies to improve environmental regulations and governance.
  2. Sustainable Development: Experts will lead initiatives to integrate sustainability into various sectors, balancing economic growth with environmental preservation for future generations.
  3. Marine Life Conservation: Roles in this area include research, monitoring, and conservation of marine ecosystems, as well as maintaining and restoring them.
  4. Climate Action: Jobs will focus on achieving global climate goals, such as reducing carbon emissions and increasing the use of renewable energy sources.

An expert highlighted that these roles are crucial for positioning the UAE as a leader in sustainability and environmental conservation.

The UAE government has invited sustainability experts and advocates to apply for the Blue Residency through the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Port Security. The application status is currently unclear.

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Who Is Eligible for a 10-Year Visa?

The government states that individuals who have significantly contributed to environmental protection, including in areas like marine life, land-based ecosystems, air quality, sustainability technologies, or the circular economy, are eligible for the 10-year visa. This includes members of international organizations, associations, non-governmental organizations, global award winners, and distinguished activists and researchers.

Applicants need to be knowledgeable in fields like environmental sciences, sustainable development practices, marine biology, and climate policy-making. This visa also enhances opportunities for freelancers and consultants specializing in environmental and sustainability sectors by providing them with a stable and attractive base in the UAE.

Besides the Blue Residency, the UAE offers other long-term residency options, such as the 10-year Golden Visa for investors, entrepreneurs, scientists, outstanding students, graduates, and humanitarian pioneers. There are also five-year Green Visas for skilled professionals, freelancers, investors, and entrepreneurs. These initiatives reflect the UAE’s commitment to attracting and retaining talent to drive its sustainability and environmental goals.

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