Wasim Akram: Cricket Australia’s New Multicultural Ambassador

Cricket Australia appoints Wasim Akram as a multicultural ambassador, along with 53 others, in a program aimed at promoting inclusivity within the sport. Moreover, this two-year initiative aims to engage people from South Asian and other diverse backgrounds in Australian cricket.

In a significant move, Cricket Australia has named Wasim Akram, the legendary former captain of Pakistan’s cricket team, as their new multicultural ambassador. Akram joins an impressive group of 54 ambassadors in the program. It includes cricket icons like India’s Ravi Shastri, Sri Lanka’s Russell Arnold, and Bangladesh’s Aminul Islam. Moreover, the list has names of players from multiple countries including India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, indigenous Australia, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Afghan communities. 

This initiative aims to celebrate and promote diversity within cricket. Cricket Australia wants to involve more players, fans, and coaches from different backgrounds, especially from South Asia. However, Cricket Australia designed the two-year Ambassador Program to help people from various cultures feel welcome and encouraged to participate in cricket in Australia.

Alongside Akram, several well-known Australian cricketers are also part of this program. Moreover, the players include Test opener Usman Khawaja, Fawad Ahmed, Scott Boland, former women’s captain Lisa Sthalekar, and Mel Jones. Together, they will work to promote cricket and create more opportunities for people from all walks of life to enjoy and engage with the sport.

Cricket Australia Is Thrilled

“We are thrilled to welcome such a dynamic and diverse group as Multicultural Ambassadors.

Their collective leadership, expertise, and passion will be instrumental in driving meaningful change and fostering a more inclusive cricketing community,” said Cricket Australia CEO Nick Hockley.

“The Multicultural Ambassador Program represents Cricket Australia’s unwavering commitment to creating a sport that reflects contemporary Australian society and embraces individuals from all backgrounds.

“Through collaboration and collective action, the program aims to ensure that cricket remains a welcoming and inclusive sport for all.” He added

Moreover, this appointment is a significant recognition of Wasim Akram’s stature in the cricketing world and his potential to inspire a new generation of cricketers in Australia. It’s a positive step towards making cricket a sport that truly reflects the multicultural tapestry of Australian society.

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