Norway, Ireland, and Spain to Recognize Palestine as a State

Leaders of Norway, Ireland, and Spain have announced that their countries will formally recognize Palestine as a state next week to support peace in the Middle East. This decision has led Israel to immediately recall its ambassadors from these countries.

Norway’s Prime Minister, Jonas Gahr Støre, stated that recognizing Palestine is in Israel’s best interest and will occur on May 28. He emphasized that peace in the Middle East requires recognition of Palestine and highlighted the ongoing conflict in Gaza as a reason to support a two-state solution, where Israelis and Palestinians live side by side in peace. Støre also mentioned that recognizing Palestine supports moderate forces in the conflict, which could help revive the peace process.

Following Norway’s announcement, Ireland’s Prime Minister, Simon Harris, declared that Ireland will also recognize a Palestinian state. He mentioned that Norway, Ireland, and Spain are making this announcement together and that other countries might join them soon.

Spain’s Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, confirmed that Spain’s council of ministers would recognize an independent Palestinian state on May 28. Speaking in the Spanish parliament, Sánchez criticized Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for endangering the two-state solution with his policies in Gaza.

Israel Recalled its Ambassadors from Ireland and Norway

Israel immediately recalled its ambassadors from Ireland and Norway for urgent consultations. Foreign Minister Israel Katz expressed strong disapproval, warning that Israel will not remain silent about these decisions and plans to recall the Spanish ambassador as well.

Moreover, the Israeli foreign ministry posted a warning on social media, stating that recognizing a Palestinian state could lead to increased extremism and instability. They framed it as a reward for terrorism that would hinder peace efforts in Gaza.

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Hussein al-Sheikh, the secretary-general of the PLO, celebrated the recognitions as historical moments supporting truth and justice after decades of Palestinian suffering. Hamas called the decision an important step. Additionally, Palestinian politician Mustafa Barghouti described it as a significant move towards freedom and justice for Palestinians. He condemned Netanyahu’s government as extremist and without a future.

This collective recognition by Norway, Ireland, and Spain also marks a substantial shift in the international stance on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and may influence future diplomatic efforts in the region.

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