Pakistan’s Sirbaz Khan Scales Mount Everest Without Oxygen

Pakistan’s very own Sirbaz Khan did something amazing! He climbed Mount Everest, the world’s tallest mountain, without special breathing equipment. This is a huge accomplishment because the air gets very thin up there, making breathing hard. In addition, Sirbaz is a true adventurer!

Pakistan’s top mountaineer, Sirbaz Khan, achieved an extraordinary feat on Tuesday by reaching the summit of Mount Everest without using supplementary oxygen. This remarkable accomplishment makes Sirbaz the second Pakistani ever to do so, following in the footsteps of Sajid Sidpara.

Hailing from Hunza, Sirbaz Khan is also the first Pakistani to climb 11 peaks over 8,000 meters without the help of bottled oxygen. In total, he has conquered 13 of these towering mountains, using oxygen only on Annapurna and Kangchenjunga.

Earlier this year, Sirbaz had to postpone his attempt to climb Shishapangma, his final peak over 8,000 meters. The postpone of plan was due to Chinese authorities not opening the mountain for the climbing season. However, this year, the mountaineer from Aliabad, Hunza, was awarded the Pride of Performance in the field of sports for his outstanding achievements.

Naila Kiani recently became the first Pakistani woman to scale the fifth-highest peak in the world. The ace climber congratulated Sirbaz for climbing Everest without supplemental oxygen and a personal Sherpa.

Sirbaz is also the only Pakistani to climb Everest twice. Climbing Everest without oxygen is a true test of human grit. Congratulations, Ustad,” she added.

Additionally, Sirbaz Khan’s incredible achievements continue to inspire climbers in Pakistan and around the world. Undoubtedly, Khan will resume his pursuit to become the first Pakistani to conquer all 14 peaks above 8,000 meters.

This latest accomplishment is sure to inspire future generations of Pakistani climbers. Khan’s dedication and skill have made him a national hero and a symbol of Pakistani perseverance.

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