“It is Unacceptable”, Mahira Khan Responds to Object Thrown at Her During Recent Event

Pakistani film and cinema star Mahira Khan took to social media to speak about a recent incident at the Pakistan Literature Festival (PLF) in Quetta, where objects were thrown at her during an outing.

The incident, captured on video, quickly went viral. Many people and celebrities praised Makhira Khan for how gracefully she handled the situation.

Mahira Khan Responds to Crowd Behavior in Instagram Post

On Thursday afternoon, Khan shared her first statement about the event on Instagram. She posted a reel from her first trip to Quetta and wrote, “What happened at the event, it is unacceptable. No one should think it’s ok to throw something on stage, even if it’s a flower wrapped up in a paper plane. It sets the wrong precedent. It is unacceptable.”

Mahira Khan continued by addressing the larger issue at hand. “While we were on our way back someone said, ‘After this, we won’t have an event here.’ I disagreed completely. That is not the solution. What I do feel strongly about is this – we NEED more events such as these in more cities of Pakistan. Also, she wrote, the more you are exposed, the more you are aware and educated. Normalize it. And see what happens.”

She also emphasized that the majority of the crowd, which numbered over 10,000 people, was there to show their love and excitement in the best way they knew how. “Because I could see them, I could see they didn’t know how to contain or express their excitement. Whoever the miscreant was, was 1 out of 10,000,” she stated.

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Moreover, she expressed her gratitude towards the people of Quetta for their hospitality, saying, “I love you Quetta. Thank you for the insane amount of love. There shall and will be a next time, and on every end, we will be better. InshAllah. Until then, Khuda Hafiz Quetta.”

Mahira Khan’s message emphasized the importance of continuing to hold events across Pakistan to promote awareness and education. Her response highlighted her belief in addressing issues with positive action rather than avoidance.

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