Mystery Of How The Egyptians Built The Pyramids…Solved?

For a long time, people have wondered how the Egyptians built the giant pyramids. Now, scientists may have finally figured it out! They believe the Egyptians built giant slanting paths, like ramps, out of dirt and bricks. They then dragged the enormous stones up these ramps using sleds, rollers, and big sticks to help them lift the stones. However, Scientists are still researching this finding.

Scientists have made a groundbreaking discovery that could solve one of history’s greatest mysteries: how the ancient Egyptians built the pyramids. Using radar satellite imagery, researchers from the University of North Carolina Wilmington have mapped a hidden 64-kilometer-long branch of the Nile River. Moreover. this ancient river, now buried under desert sands and farmland, once flowed alongside Egypt’s famous pyramids.

The existence of the river would explain why the 31 pyramids were built in a chain along a now inhospitable desert strip in the Nile Valley between 4,700 and 3,700 years ago.

The strip near the ancient Egyptian capital of Memphis includes the Great Pyramid of Giza — the only surviving structure of the seven wonders of the ancient world — as well as the Khafre, Cheops and Mykerinos pyramids.

The study suggests that this river branch was used to transport the massive stone blocks needed to construct the pyramids. Professor Eman Ghoneim, who led the research, explained that the radar technology allowed them to see beneath the surface and uncover hidden features, including ancient rivers and structures.

The team’s findings reveal that many of the pyramids had causeways leading directly to the riverbanks of this long-lost branch, known as the Ahramat branch. This indicates that the river was likely used as a transportation route for heavy construction materials.

Professor Ghoneim highlighted the importance of this discovery, saying, “Our research offers the first map of one of the main ancient branches of the Nile on such a large scale and links it with the largest pyramid fields of Egypt.”

This new understanding of the ancient waterway provides valuable insight into the methods used by the Egyptians to build their monumental structures over 4,000 years ago.

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