Pakistani Couple Passes CSS Exams in Their First Attempt

A Pakistani couple, Dr. Hajra Niaz and her husband, Huzaifa Mughal, passed their CSS exam on their very first attempt. 

Dr. Hajra Niaz has been allocated to the Inland Revenue Services, while her husband, Huzaifa Mughal, will serve in the Police Service of Pakistan. They shared this exciting news on social media and expressed gratitude for achieving their dream together. 

Success Journey of Pakistani Couple

Their journey to success began with a shared dream and determination. Dr. Niaz remembered the early days, recalling how Mughal proposed to her while she was studying in her second year of MBBS. Despite initially focusing on her career goals, Mughal’s consistent support and commitment to pursuing their dreams together persuaded her to agree.

Dr. Niaz has had a remarkable academic journey filled with awards and achievements. She has received prestigious honors, like the Prime Minister Innovation Award, and has been acknowledged by the BBC. Additionally, she has won several essay awards, showcasing her excellence in various fields. Dr. Niaz began her education at Army Burn Hall School and College in Abbottabad before continuing her studies to become a doctor at Ayub Medical College.

In addition to her academic pursuits, Dr. Niaz has actively participated in social causes. She was honored with the Youth Innovation Award by the KP government. She has also worked tirelessly for the welfare of marginalized communities, including transgender individuals and acid attack survivors. Dr. Niaz’s initiatives, such as founding the Ayubian Literary and Arts Forum (ALAF) and establishing support networks like SOCRATES, reflect her commitment to social change and empowerment.

In her interview, someone asked about the difficulty of the CSS exam compared to her medical studies. Dr. Niaz stressed the need for thorough preparation for the civil service exam. Despite the challenges, her dedication and perseverance paid off, as she cleared the exam on her first attempt.

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Beyond her professional pursuits, Dr. Niaz actively invests in mental health advocacy through her social enterprise, the Annon Association. She has made many different contributions to education, social causes, and mental health awareness. These show how much she cares about helping her community in various ways.

Pakistani couple, Dr. Niaz and Mughal’s success story is inspiring. It shows that by being persistent, dedicated, and having strong support, anyone can achieve their dreams.

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