US Stopped Weapons Delivery to Israel Due to Rafah

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin revealed that the United States (US) has decided to delay sending powerful weapons to Israel. This decision was made due to concerns about potential harm to civilians in the Gaza city of Rafah. President Joe Biden made this choice because he worries that an Israeli attack in Rafah could endanger innocent people. Austin said the U.S. is also reconsidering other military aid to Israel.

Austin’s remarks mark a possible change in how the U.S. arms Israel. Israel relies on the U.S. for most of its weapons.

After an attack by Hamas on October 7, President Biden promised strong support for Israel. He then sent billions of dollars worth of weapons to Israel.

Austin emphasized that the U.S. remains fully committed to Israel’s defense. However, he stressed the importance of avoiding major conflicts in Rafah and protecting civilian lives if military actions are taken.

He explained that the decision to delay the weapons shipment is not final. Israel has talked about launching a large-scale attack in Rafah to defeat Hamas fighters, but this has raised concerns about the impact on civilians.

Hamas’ October attack caused the deaths of approximately 1,200 people. Israel’s efforts to combat Hamas have led to a significant loss of life, mostly among civilians.

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Austin highlighted the importance of using precise weapons in densely populated areas to minimize collateral damage. The U.S. is also concerned about Israel’s past actions in Gaza and their potential impact on civilians.

The conflict in Gaza has led to widespread suffering, with many people facing starvation. There have been protests in the U.S. urging Biden to withdraw support for Israel, including military aid.

Some U.S. lawmakers, both Democrats and Republicans, have criticized the decision to delay the weapons shipment to Israel. They argue that Israel should receive whatever support it needs to defend itself against Hamas.

Despite these disagreements, the Israeli military downplayed the delay in the arms shipment, emphasizing strong coordination between Israel and the U.S.

The decision to stop the weapons shipment reflects concerns about civilian safety amid ongoing tensions in the region.

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