Court Issues Warrants for Dania and YouTuber Yasir Shami

The court hearing for the leaked video case involving the late Aamir Liaquat Hussain has seen some developments. Arrest warrants were issued for both Aamir’s ex-wife, Dania Shah, and YouTuber Yasir Shami. This case began with a complaint filed by Aamir’s daughter against Dania and Yasir, accusing them of leaking private videos.

In a recent development, ex-wife Dania Shah and YouTuber Yasir Shami are in hot water over leaked videos of late Pakistani host Dr Aamir Liaquat Hussain. A court in Karachi has issued non-bailable arrest warrants for them.

The case revolves around videos of Aamir Liaquat that went viral. Both Dania Shah and Yasir Shami appeared in court after the warrants were issued.

Yasir Shami’s lawyer informed the court that bail had been approved by the Sessions Court for his client. Despite the gravity of the allegations against him, Yasir Shami was granted bail upon submission of a Rs2.5 million surety bond. The court’s decision to grant bail also came with the directive for Shami to present himself before the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and provide his statement regarding the case. Consequently, the court adjourned the case until May 23. Dania Shah, however, remained on bail.

Amir Liaqat was a religious scholar, politician, and popular TV host in Pakistan. He introduced the concept of Ramadan transmission in the country. After his divorce from his first two wives Bushra Iqbal and Syeda Tuba Anwar, he got married to 18-year-old Dania Shah. After this marriage, he went downhill which eventually led him to his death.

Bushra Iqbal, Aamir Liaquat’s former wife, expressed determination to seek justice for him. She emphasized that Dania Shah is not Aamir Liaquat’s widow and has been deposed. She said, “I am not going to back down so easily, I will continue to bring justice to Aamir Liaquat”.

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) registered the case against the accused following a complaint by Aamir Liaquat’s daughter.

The saga continues as the legal battle unfolds, leaving many curious about the outcome and the truth behind the leaked videos. Stay tuned for further updates as the story progresses.

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