Macklemore Drops New Song “Hind’s Hall” For Gaza Ceasefire

Macklemore just dropped a new song called “Hind’s Hall” inspired by the student protests happening across the US demanding a ceasefire in Gaza. Moreover, the song raises awareness about the situation and shows solidarity with the student movement.

Macklemore, the famous American rapper, has just dropped a new song called ‘HIND’S HALL’, showing his support for Palestine. The song is inspired by student protests happening in US colleges, where students are demanding peace in Gaza. So far more than 34,789 people have been killed and 78,204 wounded in Israeli attacks on Gaza since October 7. Now Israel is bombarding Rafah where around 1.2 million Palestinians are taking refuge.

What makes a difference is that all the money made from the song will go to help Palestinian refugees through the United Nations. The idea for the song came from protests at Columbia University. Students renamed a building “Hind’s Hall” after a young girl who tragically lost her life in Gaza.

“Proceeds from the song will be donated to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA),” Macklemore announced on social media. UNRWA is a vital organization providing humanitarian assistance to Palestinian refugees.

You can hear the clip of the song from here:

Gaza Will Get Its Justice!

In the song, Macklemore talks about the importance of standing up for what’s right and questioning decisions made by leaders. He even mentions President Biden, criticizing his support for Israel.

Although the song isn’t available to listen to everywhere. Yet a clip shared on Instagram already got over 10 million views in just 13 hours! This isn’t the first time Macklemore has shown support for Palestine. He is been vocal about it before, wearing traditional Palestinian clothing and joining demonstrations.

It’s amazing to see artists using their platform to speak out about important issues like this. While initially released on social media, it was expected to hit streaming platforms soon after.

The song sparked conversation, with some fans praising Macklemore for using his platform for peace. Moreover, social justice activists like adrienne maree brown showed their support.

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