Chief Kachindamoto Of Malawi Stand Against Child Marriages

Girls in Malawi have achieved a big win! Child marriage is now banned there. Before, girls as young as 15 could get married, but now they must be at least 18. Meanwhile, this change is because of activist Chief Kachindamoto who worked hard to make it happen.

In a small village in Malawi, Chief Kachindamoto is making big waves. She’s been on a mission for the past three years, putting an end to child marriages and ensuring that every girl gets the chance to go to school.

Theresa Kachindamoto, once a secretary in the city, never imagined she’d become a chief. But when she was called back to her village, she took up the mantle with determination. Shocked to see girls as young as 12 married off and with babies, she decided enough was enough.

Despite facing resistance from some parents who saw early marriage as a tradition, Kachindamoto didn’t give up. She rallied support, got laws changed, and even fired chiefs who didn’t comply. Her efforts have led to over 850 marriages being annulled and children being sent back to school.

But her work doesn’t stop there. Kachindamoto ensures that girls have the opportunity to stay in school, even sponsoring those who can’t afford it. She’s brought role models from town and even MPs to inspire young girls in rural areas.

Now, she’s pushing for the minimum marriage age to be raised to 21, believing education is key to breaking the cycle of poverty. Despite facing threats and challenges, Kachindamoto remains undeterred, knowing that she’s making a difference in the lives of countless girls.

For her, there’s no going back. She’s determined to keep fighting for the rights and futures of the girls in her community, declaring, “I’m chief until I die.”

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Survival Stories

One girl, Florence, had a tough time because of child marriage. She was forced to marry when she was just 13 years old and suffered a lot. But she got help and escaped from that bad situation.

The campaign to stop child marriage started in 2011. Girls were trained to speak up for their rights, and they talked to village chiefs to make new rules against child marriage. These rules made it hard for people to marry off young girls, and those who did had to face penalties.

One of the heroes in this fight is Memory Banda of Malawi, who saw her sister marry off at a young age and decided to make a difference. She’s now speaking up for girls like her sister and wants leaders around the world to invest in girls’ education and future.

The activists are celebrating this victory, but they know there’s more to be done to make sure all girls have a chance for a better life.

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