Google Fires 28 Employees Following Protests Over Israel Contract

Google fired 28 employees who participated in sit-in protests at company offices over Google’s cloud computing contract with the Israeli government. The employees were protesting a $1.2 billion deal to provide custom tools for the Israeli military. Furthermore, the report indicates that the employees were fired for refusing to leave the buildings and for police being called in to remove them.

Google confirmed the termination of 28 employees on Wednesday after protests erupted at company locations concerning a cloud computing contract with the Israeli government. The employees, reportedly involved in sit-in demonstrations, were advocating against the $1.2 billion deal that provides custom tools for the Israeli military.

According to Google’s statement, “a small number of employee protesters entered and disrupted a few of our locations.” The company called in the police to ensure safety and remove the employees after they repeatedly refused multiple requests to leave the premises. Google added that “individual investigations resulted in the termination of employment for 28 employees, and will continue to investigate and take action as needed.”

Google Cloud’s contract with the Israeli government dates back to 2021, when the company announced that it had been chosen to provide “public cloud services to help address the country’s challenges within the public sector, including in healthcare, transportation, and education.”

Tech giants like Google and Amazon have a $1.2 billion contract to provide cloud computing services to the Israeli government and military, known as Project Nimbus.

The group that organized the protest, No Tech For Apartheid, says Google cares more about money than its workers. They say firing people for protesting is unfair.

“This flagrant act of retaliation is a clear indication that Google values its $1.2 billion contract with the genocidal Israeli government and military more than its own workers,” the group said in a statement.

Employees Lay Off

Separately, Google confirmed that it is making an unspecified number of fresh layoffs as part of an internal reorganization. Moreover, the job cuts will not be company-wide, and impacted employees will be able to apply for other open roles across Google.

Google laid off hundreds of employees earlier this year, adding to a wave of job cuts in the tech and media industries, including at Amazon, Vice, and the Los Angeles Times.

This incident highlights the ongoing debate surrounding technology companies’ involvement with governments, particularly regarding military contracts.

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