The Olympic Paris 2024 Torch Journey Begins In Greece

The Paris 2024 torch relay began in Greece following the traditional ceremony in Olympia where the flame was lit using the sun’s rays. It will travel across Greece for a bit before being handed over to Paris organizers and making its way to France for the main part of the relay starting on May 8th.

The journey of the Olympic torch for the Paris 2024 Olympics has started! The flame was lit in Olympia, Greece, where the ancient Olympic Games began. This connects the modern Olympics to their roots.

Now, runners and other modes of transportation will carry the torch to Paris. This year, the torch will go to Athens first, then sail on a boat across the Mediterranean Sea to Marseille, France. From there, it will travel around France and its islands, finally arriving in Paris on July 26 for the opening ceremony.

The torch will visit many places, including islands like Martinique and French Polynesia. You can watch the relay live online. It will take 68 days to finish the 3,100-mile journey.

The torch never goes out during the relay. It’s specially designed to withstand different weather conditions. The flame is fueled by gas and can burn longer than the relay lasts. It rests in a special cauldron overnight.

The Olympic flame was lit in Olympia by a Greek actress Mary Mina, following a special ceremony. This tradition started in 776 BC and continues today. The ancient Olympic games were held in Olympia from 776 BC through 393 AD and the first modern Olympics began in Athens in 1896.

The relay tradition began in 1936 before the Berlin Olympics and has happened before every Summer Olympics since. It’s even written in the Olympic rule book!

Olympic swimmer Florent Manaudou is one of the leaders for the relay. He’s excited to showcase France’s beautiful landscapes during the journey.

“It’s incredible to be captain. When you are a kid discovering the Games, you see the sporting part but also the Olympic torch, which is highly symbolic,” Manaudou said. “I am very happy to showcase all the amazing landscapes we have in France.”

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