JoJo Siwa Shuts Down “Karma” Copying Allegations

JoJo Siwa is setting the record straight about her latest single, “Karma.” After online speculation arose that the song bore similarities to tracks by Miley Cyrus and a lesser-known artist, Brit Smith, Siwa has spoken out to clear the air. However, JoJo has made it clear that she feels confident about “Karma” and its place in her musical journey.

JoJo Siwa has faced rumors that her new song “Karma” was taken from Miley Cyrus and Brit Smith. She quickly addressed the speculation, stating firmly, “I did not steal anything. There’s no such thing as stealing.” The 20-year-old singer and dancer released her latest single on April 5.

JoJo explained that the confusion might have come from the song’s producers, Rock Mafia, who wrote it years ago. Siwa clarified that she acquired “Karma” through the usual channels. She explained how teams of songwriters often write songs and pitch them to various artists before finding the right fit. In this instance, the producing team Rock Mafia, renowned for hits like Miley Cyrus’s “Can’t Be Tamed” and Selena Gomez’s “Love You Like a Love Song,” crafted “Karma,” which ultimately found its way to Siwa.

Despite being an “old song,” JoJo was confident in its relevance and fit for her new musical direction. Brit Smith also chimed in, revealing that “Karma” was originally meant to be her debut single in 2012. She expressed regret for not releasing it back then but is glad it’s finally getting attention. So, while there was some confusion, JoJo and Brit are both happy that “Karma” is finally out for people to enjoy.

Online Response

The controversy stems from the song’s sound. Some fans compared to Miley Cyrus’s earlier pop anthems, particularly her “Bangerz” era. Additionally, a supposedly unreleased song by Brit Smith with a similar title and sound surfaced on social media, adding fuel to the fire.

While some fans remain unconvinced, Siwa seems confident. The song’s catchy melody and message of self-assurance have already garnered it a dedicated following. Whether inspired by past trends or a fresh take on pop music, “Karma” is proving to be a hit for JoJo Siwa.

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