CM Punjab Allocated 1B PKR for Providing Free WiFi

Maryam Nawaz, the Chief Minister of Punjab, Pakistan, announced the launch of a free WiFi service in Lahore. For this project, the Punjab government allocated 1 billion rupees.

During a meeting at IT City and Lahore Knowledge Park, CM announced plans to provide free WiFi access in public areas across the province. These areas include educational institutions, railway stations, airports, and bus stands.

 “In the initial phase, free WiFi service will be introduced at 10 locations. In total, free Wi-Fi spots will be set up at 516 locations in Lahore,” she declared. 

Punjab Information Technology Board (PTCB) will manage this project, which includes upgrading existing Wi-Fi infrastructure and setting up new WiFi hotspots throughout Punjab.

She further shared her plans to start in Lahore soon, including IT, education, and film city projects. The best IT companies from all over the world will get opportunities to do business in IT City Lahore. 

The Chief Minister expressed pride that renowned companies like Microsoft and Oracle agreed to open offices in IT City Lahore. Moreover, she instructed relevant authorities to extend invitations to major Chinese IT companies to open their offices in Lahore too. 

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Initially Introduced in 2013

This project was first introduced in 2013 by the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) government in major cities, including Lahore. However, progress on this initiative stopped after the government of Pakistan, Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), came into power. 

Before, PTCL was in charge of this service, but now this project is back in action. PTIB will handle and supervise the provision of free Wifi in public areas across Punjab. 

Reviving this initiative is expected to have a big impact by making it easy for people to use the Internet in public places. It not only helps people with communication but also empowers them by giving them access to digital resources. By giving this opportunity, the government wants to ensure that everyone in Punjab can benefit from technology. 

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