Sydney Sweeney Faces Backlash Over Movie Role with J. Depp

The casting of Johnny Depp alongside Sydney Sweeney in the movie “Day Drinker” has caused some controversy. Despite the controversy, the film is still moving forward. It’s directed by Marc Webb and is described as a thriller about love, revenge, and loss.

Rumors are swirling around Hollywood as it’s reported that Sydney Sweeney and Johnny Depp are set to star together in an upcoming movie called ‘Day Drinker’ by Marc Webb. But this news has put Sweeney in hot water.

After film critic, Jeffrey Sneider confirmed the news in his newsletter. Moreover, fans took to social media, especially X (formerly Twitter), to express their disappointment and concern. Many of Sweeney’s supporters were upset to hear that she would be working with Depp, whom they accuse of being a “certified wife beater.”

One disappointed fan wrote, “Sydney, what a disappointment on your part to work with a certified wife-beater“. Another expressed dismay, saying, “Oh Sydney… You were doing so great… Don’t do this!!!”

However, amidst the backlash, there were also voices of support for the duo and excitement for their collaboration. Some fans pointed out that Sweeney’s representatives have denied the rumors.

According to a statement she shared with the Los Angeles Times, she is “largely unfazed” by the backlash. As Sweeney’s team clarified, the reports may not be accurate. If true, however, the pairing of these two Hollywood heavyweights promises an unforgettable performance in “Day Drinker.”

The controversy stems from Johnny Depp’s troubled past, including allegations made by his ex-wife Amber Heard. Although Depp emerged victorious from those allegations, recent revelations from Lola Glaudini, who starred with Depp in the movie ‘Blow’ in 2001, have stirred up more controversy. Glaudini alleged that Depp had mistreated her on set.

As the debate rages on, it remains to be seen how Sweeney and Depp’s collaboration will unfold and whether it will weather the storm of controversy surrounding them. Despite the backlash, “Day Drinker” appears to be on track for production. Whether the controversy will impact the film’s reception remains to be seen.

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