4 Child Burnt Alive After Mobile Phone Charger Sparks Fire

Four children in Meerut city suffered fatal burns when a mobile phone charger caused a short-circuit, burning their bed and leading to their tragic deaths. 

In Meerut city, a devastating incident occurred that took the lives of four innocent children. The cause of their deaths was a fire sparked by the chargers of their mobile phone. This tragic incident occurred when a short-circuit sparked a fire in a room where the children were sleeping. 

Parents rushed into the room and desperately attempted to save the lives of their children. While rescuing their kids, they also sustained severe injuries. Unfortunately, despite a lot of effort, they can’t save their children. They succumbed to the injuries and left their parents and community in grief. 

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Mother of children is still fighting with her life in the hospital while father is in a medical facility.

The whole city mourns the loss of these innocent lives. The Meerut City Superintendent of Police reported that despite immediate efforts to take victims to the hospital, all four children tragically passed away. 

Sadly, it is not the first incident to happen like this mobile phone charger fire incident. Fires related to mobile phones have also taken innocent lives before. It highlights the importance of taking precautions while using electronic devices. 

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