Rumy Al Qahtani Becomes the First Saudi to Participate in Miss Universe

Saudi Arabia has announced plans to participate in the Miss Universe pageant for the first time. Fashion Model Rumy Al-Qahtani becomes the first Saudi Arabian to participate in Miss Universe. 

Rumy Al-Qahtani has become the first-ever Miss Universe Saudi Arabia. This news is making waves all over the world on social media. Her photos spark excitement among fans and showcase the efforts of Saudi Arabia to mitigate religious extremism and foster cultural reform. 

Recently, Rumy Al-Qahtani participated in the 2nd edition of the Miss & Mrs Global Asian Beauty Pageant, which took place in Malaysia. Her beauty and styling captivate audiences from all over the world. 

Who is Rumy Al-Qahtani?

Al-Qahtani made history by joining the Miss and Mrs. Global Asian 2024 pageant as a Saudi Arabian contestant. Her picture goes viral, in which she stands proudly with the Saudi flag embellished with the Kalma Tayyab. 

Her performance was remarkable there, but unfortunately, the title of Mrs. Global Asian 2024 was won by Dyan Shane Mag Abo from the Philippines. Jesseca Long, from Singapore, was crowned Miss Global Asian 2024. 

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At the age of 267, Rumy Al-Qahtani has been recognize as a cultural ambassador for her country. She proudly expressed her mission to raise awareness about Saudi Arabia and its people on global platforms. 

She stated, “My contributions are to learn about world cultures and to showcase our authentic Saudi culture and heritage to the world. I proudly wear the Najdi costume; representing the Najd region. It is admire by the public and the press.”.

Reactions of Fans

After seeing the viral images, her one fan said, “Looks like an AI-generated image! Despite this, it’s a big step ahead!”. One user admired her by saying, “She is very attractive, beautiful, and represents the beauty of Saudi Arabia. Freedom holds profound meaning, which we can’t understand for people who are victims of radicalism in society. I am glad that the world sees a bright future for Saudi Arabia.”.

Her presence in international beauty pageants highlights a progressive change in Saudi Arabia’s approach to women’s empowerment and cultural representation. The participation of Rumy Al-Qahtani not only symbolizes the diversity and beauty of Saudi culture but also encourages communication and mutual understanding among nations. 

As she continues to captivate the hearts of people all over the world, Rumy Al-Qahtani serves as a beacon of hope for a future where inclusivity and harmony prevail. 

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