Hyderabad Airport Leads the Way with Smart Baggage Trolleys

Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Hyderabad was the first airport in India to deploy smart baggage trolleys. These innovative trolleys were implemented in 2019 and have transformed the travel experience for passengers in several ways.

The Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (RIGA) in Hyderabad has become the trendsetter in India by introducing smart baggage trolleys. Since their implementation in 2019, these cutting-edge trolleys have revolutionized the travel experience for passengers in several ways.

Anand Mahindra, chairperson of Mahindra and Mahindra group, saw the video and was impressed. He shared on social media, wondering if these were the first of their kind globally. RIGA responded with enthusiasm, expressing their excitement about being the pioneers in introducing these fantastic trolleys and setting a trend for everyone.

Key Points

Here are some of the key features of the smart trolleys at Hyderabad airport:

  • IoT-powered: Sensors and LoRa (Long Range) technology equip the trolleys, enabling airport authorities to track their location and availability in real time. However, this ensures a sufficient number of trolleys for passengers and their even distribution throughout the airport.
  • Interactive touchscreens: Each trolley has a touchscreen that allows passengers to scan their boarding pass, get information about their flight, and navigate their way around the airport. The screens also display advertisements and other relevant information.
  • Self-parking: The trolleys possess a self-parking feature enabling them to automatically return to designated docking stations when not in use. This helps to keep the airport clutter-free and makes it easier for passengers to find trolleys.
  • Reduced wait times: By improving the availability and distribution of trolleys, the smart trolleys have helped to reduce wait times for passengers. This makes the travel experience more efficient and enjoyable.
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However, there is something more to it. RIGA is not stopping at smart trolleys. They have got a bunch of other high-tech stuff too like a super-smart control center, quick E-Boarding, fast Express Check-in, and even AI-driven systems to make sure you can move around the airport without any hiccups. The Indian authorities are definitely one step ahead in technology than most of the countries.

The smart trolleys at Hyderabad Airport (RIGA) exemplify how technology can enhance the travel experience. They are a convenient and innovative solution that has made a positive impact on passengers and airport staff alike.

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