India Is Going To Face Australia In Under-19 Cricket World Cup

After a nail-biting match, Australia qualified for the final of the under-19 cricket World Cup 2024 after defeating Pakistan. Pakistan has been given a tough challenge in the batting and bowling field. The final will be played on Sunday, February 11th, 2024 at Willowmoore Park in Benoni, South Africa.

Under-19 cricket World Cup 204 is happening with full glitz and glam in South Africa. India has reached into finals after defeating South Africa in the first semi-finals. After an electrifying match, Australia defeats Pakistan to secure its place in the final. The last match of the tournament will be held on Sunday, February 11 in Willowmoore Park, South Africa.

The match starts with the Australian under-19 team winning the toss and opting to bowl first. They show some of the best bowls on the field and prevent Pakistan from making big numbers. The whole team got out at 179 with the dismissal of all the players in 48 overs. From Pakistan’s side, Arafat Minhas scored 52 in 61 balls and Azan Awais succeeded in making 52 in 91 balls.

Tom Straker from Australia took a whopping 6 wickets that destroyed the batting lineup of the opposition team altogether. However, Tom Edward Campbell and Rafael Mcmilliassn took 1 wicket each to shatter the dream of Pakistan reaching the finals.

Nail Biting Innings

Moreover, Australia came to bat to win only. they started well but now Pakistan acted smartly and launched their lethal weapon in the bowling line-up. Ali Raza took 4 wickets while Arafat Minhas took 2 wickets to give Australia trembles.

Australia faced this attack well. Harry Dixon scored 50 in 75 scores while Ollie Peake and Tom Edward Campbel make 49 and 25 scores respectively. In the last, there were 12 scores left while Pakistan needed only one wicket to get into the finale.

In the end, Australia hit the final 4 and made a place in the Sunday final. Pakistan has played extremely well in the whole tournament. They were being undefeated until the semi-finals. They face the wrath of luck and a little overconfidence in the field.

Cricket lovers, get ready to see the reply of the World Cup final in the under-19 cricket World Cup 2024 final as well. Will India change the result as their peers or the results would be the same as November 17th, 2023?

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