Ali Zafar Makes a Comeback for PSL 9 Anthem

Well-known Pakistani singer Ali Zafar is going to sing the official anthem for the upcoming ninth season of the Pakistan Super League (PSL). This news follows reports from a few days ago that suggested Ali might be returning to sing the anthem for season nine. The decision is well received after being the official anthem singer for the league before.

Renowned singer Ali Zafar is making a return to collaborate with Aima Baig for the much-awaited anthem of Pakistan Super League (PSL) 9. Initially dropped due to legal issues, Ali Zafar has been officially reinstated. Thanks to a change in leadership within the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).

Last month, Ali Zafar faced removal from the anthem project due to a legal dispute with Meesha Shafi. However, with a new chairman at PCB, they decided to bring Ali Zafar back. They also extended an olive branch for his contribution to the highly anticipated PSL anthem.

Just two months ago, it was reported that Ali Zafar would produce and perform the PSL anthem. Subsequent reports suggested the PCB dropped him while he was working on the new anthem.

Series Of Events

The famous singer shared his experience with local media, revealing that PCB had officially contacted him to create the PSL anthem. Despite working on it for two months at his expense, he faced an unexpected setback when the PCB informed him that he couldn’t proceed with the anthem for undisclosed reasons.

Present authorities believe that the singer has not been proven guilty. There is no hindrance to affording him an opportunity. The situation is expected to become more apparent in the days ahead.

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With the recent decision by PCB, past setbacks seem to be forgotten as Ali Zafar is back in the fold for the PSL 9 anthem project.

Only 14 days left in PSL 9. There would be scintillating cricket matches, Babar-Shaheen rivalries, amazing bowling spells,s and whatnot.

PSL anthem will be released in a few days. Fans are waiting to groove over the new anthem with their hearts out. In such a chaotic world, PSL brought happiness to Pakistan for some days. So, are you ready to witness nail-biting matches among Lahore, Karachi, Quetta, Peshawar, Multan or Islamabad?

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