Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Is Trending For No Good Reasons

The famous singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan has been seen brutally beating his servant over a bottle in a newly viral video. After a severe backlash all over social media, he posts another video to explain his side of the story. However, the fans do not seemingly agree with the content of his justification.

In a surprising and troubling incident, a video has gone viral showing famous singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan apparently mistreating his household staff. The footage has stirred public anger and put the acclaimed artist under scrutiny.

The disturbing video captures Rahat Fateh Ali using his shoes to hit one of his employees. While the other servants are witnessing his pleading for him to stop. The incident has sparked concerns about the well-being of the singer’s staff and has gained widespread attention across various news sources.

In the video, the singer is not only seen physically assaulting his servants but also heard asking for liquor from them. This has raised further questions about the treatment of domestic workers in the singer’s home.

To address the controversy, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan quickly released a video where he stands with his servants. He also explained that the bottle he requested did not contain liquor but instead held holy water obtained from a religious cleric. However, his attempt to justify the situation was met with utter disbelief and anger. In addition, Netizens dismissed the testimonials from his servants as staged.

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Despite the singer’s efforts to salvage his reputation, public backlash continues to grow on social media. The protest comes with calls for accountability and discussions about the mistreatment of domestic workers. The controversy may have legal consequences for Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and could result in damage to his once-pristine reputation in the entertainment industry.

Authorities and the public are closely following the developments in this high-profile case. They are emphasizing the importance of ethical standards for public figures and the treatment of those working in their homes.

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