Near the Opening of New Ram Mandir, Don’t Forget Babri Masjid

Tomorrow is a big day for Hindus, as the newly built Ram mandir will be inaugurated in Ayodhya. However, the site is no less than a controversy in the region. Earlier, a prestigious Babri Masjid, a sanctuary for Muslims in India, was here.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced the inauguration of the newly built Ram Mandir on the grounds of Ayodhya. Hindus worldwide are so happy and celebrating the historical moment of putting the statue of their prestigious idol in its apparent birthplace. However, Muslims around the world are mourning the destruction of their beloved Babri masjid in the same place.

According to history, the Babri mosque was built in 1528 by the commander of Mughal king Babar, Mir Baqi. Muslims have prayed and celebrated festivals in the mosque for almost three centuries. During the British era, the problem started arising. It began when a Hindu group claimed that it was the birthplace of the Hindu god Ram, and Muslims were occupying it illegally.

In 1885, the first case was filed and asked for their permission to worship their god, but the court rejected it. But Hindus didn’t stop there. In 1949, a new case was filed on the place. This time, the court banned azaan and the offering of namaz in the mosque. In 1986, the court openly allowed Hindus to worship in the mosque, and they even put their idols in the vicinity of the mosque.

Muslims retaliated to save their sacred mosque to a great extent. In 1990, Prime Minister Advani ordered the destruction of the mosque part to its followers. It caused heavy damage to the tombs of mosques. On a sad day in 1992, a big group of Hindus entered Babri masjid and demolished it. Around 2000 Muslims died in the riots and to save their mosque countrywide.

The Unjust Ruling

The case didn’t end there. After a vigorous legal battle, the court gave 2/3 of the property to Hindus and 1/3 to Muslims in 2010. But Hindus took a stay on this order. In 2019, the court granted Hindus all rights and gave them a green flag to build a ram mandir in this place. you can say a biased and anti-muslim prime minister can take this court order conveniently.

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In 2020, nearly 40 kg of silver brick was used to make the first step towards the foundation of Ram Mandir. It was quite a bad day for Hindus that brought a lot of jubilation for them. However, history won’t forget the sacrifice of those 2000 Muslim martyrs and devoted Muslims who fought court cases with complete resistance.

The place was the most sacred place for Muslims. The pressing party took it by using false rulings and hurting people’s sentiments. The temple can be large and lavish, but it cannot compete with our beloved Babri masjid’s elegance!


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