Palestinian Authority and U.S. Collaborate on Postwar Plan

Palestinian Authority is working with US officials on a plan to run Gaza once the war is over. The preferred outcome of the conflict would be for Hamas to become a junior partner under the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO). However, it will help to build a new independent state that includes the occupied West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem

In a recent development, the Palestinian Authority is actively engaged in discussions with U.S. officials to formulate a comprehensive plan for governing Gaza after the ongoing conflict. Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh revealed this collaboration in an interview with Bloomberg News.

Shtayyeh expressed the desire for a resolution where the Hamas militant group, currently in control of Gaza, would assume a subordinate role under the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO). The envisioned outcome involves cooperation to establish a new, independent state encompassing the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem.

During the interview, Shtayyeh emphasized the importance of unity among Palestinians. He also suggested that if Hamas is willing to agree to the PLO’s political platform, negotiations can proceed. He dismissed the idea of Israel completely defeating Hamas, stating that such a goal is unrealistic.

“If they [Hamas] are ready to come to an agreement and accept the political platform of the PLO, then there will be room for talk. Palestinians should not be divided,” he said, adding that Israel’s aim to fully defeat Hamas is unrealistic.

The conflict escalated when Iran-backed Hamas militants attacked Israeli towns and villages on October 7. The attack resulted in a significant loss of life and the capture of hostages. Israel has pledged to eradicate Hamas in response to these actions.

As the violence continues, the toll on the Palestinian side is substantial, with over 17,170 reported deaths and 46,000 injuries since Israel initiated bombardments in response to the cross-border attacks. The situation remains complex and evolving, with ongoing efforts to find a diplomatic resolution.

The people of Palestine are in dire need of help and prayers. Let’s pray for their freedom and the ultimate justice for them from oppressors.

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