Elon Musk’s Visit to Israel Amid Antisemitic Comment On X

Entrepreneur Elon Musk, facing criticism for endorsing an antisemitic post, visited Israel to tour the site of a Hamas assault. The visit is considered a follow-up to a September meeting, aiming to strengthen Musk’s relationship with the Jewish people and foster potential collaborations.

Elon Musk is the entrepreneur and owner of X, Tesla, and SpaceX. He visited Israel on Monday following criticism for endorsing an antisemitic post. Musk toured the site of the Hamas assault on Israel and expressed his commitment to combatting hatred. He also watched footage of the Oct. 7 Hamas attack, where Israel claims 240 people were taken captive. Musk met with families of hostages and had an online chat with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He also emphasized the importance of taking action against hatred.

Musk faced backlash on Nov. 15 for agreeing with a post that falsely claimed Jewish people were stoking hatred against white people. This led to major U.S. companies suspending their advertisements on X. The White House criticized Musk for promoting antisemitic and racist hate.

During his visit, Musk discussed the global fight against antisemitism with Israeli President Isaac Herzog. Musk highlighted the impact of propaganda on people’s minds and stressed the need to combat hate. The visit also addressed Musk’s proposal to use Starlink for communication links in Gaza, with Israel and Musk reaching an agreement in principle.

Agenda Of The Visit

The Israeli government sees Musk’s visit as a follow-up to a meeting in September, where Musk expressed his stance against antisemitism. Musk reiterated that X should be a platform for diverse viewpoints but acknowledged the need to limit posts violating policies. The discussion also touched on Netanyahu’s description of destroying Hamas as a war goal necessary for peace.

Musk outlined three goals for the Gaza situation: dealing with those who insist on murdering civilians, teaching the new generation not to engage in violence, and working towards building prosperity. The visit is seen as a potential starting point for future collaborations and strengthening Musk’s relationship with the Jewish people.

Apart from people’s personal interests in Israel, the genocide-oriented operation is highly retaliated by the people worldwide. Let’s hope for a miracle for our Palestinian brothers and Sisters so they can get their justice soon!

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