Erica Robin Makes History with Burkini Choice at 2023 Pageant

Erica Robin, the first-ever Miss Universe Pakistan, made history at the 2023 pageant. She opted to wear a burkini instead of a traditional bikini for the swimsuit round. However, her decision was met with praise from many, who saw it as a way to promote cultural diversity and body positivity.

In a remarkable move at the Miss Universe 2023 Preliminary Competition, Miss Universe Pakistan 2023, Erica Robin, chose not to wear a bikini during the swimsuit round. Instead, she confidently walked the stage in a ‘burkini,’ a full-body swimsuit that combines the words “burka” and “bikini.”

The 24-year-old beauty queen, who is the first-ever representative from Pakistan. She explained in an interview with The National that wearing the burkini was her “personal choice” and a reflection of her “immense respect” for her culture. She emphasized that her decision was driven by her belief in the importance of being true to oneself and respecting one’s background.

Erica Robin’s choice to wear a burkini has drawn attention to the diversity and cultural representation in the Miss Universe pageant. The burkini, as described by NPR, aims to combine swimwear with Islamic principles. Moreover, it also adheres to the Quran’s call for modesty in dress for practicing Muslim women.

Erica’s Strong Views

In an interview, Erica expressed her pride in representing Pakistan. She also shared a powerful message about pursuing one’s goals regardless of background or financial status. However, she highlighted the significance of having a purpose in life that extends beyond personal aspirations, emphasizing the positive impact one can make on the world.

Robin’s decision to wear a burkini was not without controversy. Some people criticized her choice, arguing that it was not in keeping with the spirit of the Miss Universe pageant. However, Robin defended her decision, saying that she wanted to represent Pakistan in a way that was respectful of her culture and her personal beliefs.

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As the 72nd Miss Universe competition approaches on November 18 in El Salvador. Erica Robin’s historic representation is a momentous occasion for Pakistan. It marks the first time the country has been represented in 71 years. Pinoy pageant fans can catch the finals on various platforms, including A2Z Channel 11, Kapamilya Channel, Metro Channel, and iWantTFC. They will livestream the event for free on Sunday, November 19.

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