China Unveils World’s Fastest Internet Network

China has rolled out the world’s fastest internet network. It is capable of transmitting data at 1.2 terabits per second (Tbps). The new Chinese internet system is based on a technology called OTN (Optical Transport Network). However, it uses lasers to transmit data over optical fibers.

China has announced the creation of the fastest internet network globally. The new network, developed by Chinese tech company Huawei in collaboration with China Mobile, Beijing’s Tsinghua University, and Cernet (a government-funded education and research network), boasts speeds of 1.2 terabits (or 1,200 gigabits) per second. Although these speeds are currently theoretical and won’t be available to consumers immediately. They signify a significant advancement in internet capabilities.

The new Chinese internet system is based on a technology called OTN (Optical Transport Network), which uses lasers to transmit data over optical fibers. The network covers a distance of 1,800 miles with optic fiber cables between Beijing and the south. It aims to facilitate faster data transfers, enhance stock trading, and has implications for national security. The backbone network, responsible for moving internet traffic across different locations, supports data transfers from technologies like 5G and electric vehicles.


The announcement was made during a press conference, and the network began operating and undergoing tests in the summer. It launched about two years earlier than predicted by experts. Chinese President Xi Jinping sees this development as a crucial step in establishing China as a “cyber power” and accelerating the promotion of core internet technologies.

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While this advanced network primarily focuses on infrastructure rather than home internet speeds, it could offer a foundation for Chinese businesses requiring high bandwidth. Wu Jianping, a professor at Tsinghua University overseeing the project, emphasized that the system, both software and hardware, is made, produced, and independently controlled in China, making it the most advanced network globally.

The timing of this announcement coincides with President Biden’s meeting with President Xi Jinping in San Francisco, amid months of tension between the two countries. Unlike areas such as AI, semiconductors, or wireless networking technology, this internet infrastructure development does not pose a direct threat to the US but could potentially benefit Chinese businesses.

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