Hareem Shah offered 1 million PKR to Indian Govt to build toilets

Renowned TikTok sensation Hareem Shah has once again made headlines, this time for her philanthropic gesture towards Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Netizens are anxious to see how the Indian govt will respond to this offer.

Renowned TikTok star Hareem Shah has once again caught everyone’s attention, but this time it’s for a generous act towards Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In a surprising move, Hareem Shah took to social media to express her willingness to donate a significant amount of Rs 1 million for building toilets in India. She proposed to help the Indian govt to tackle hygiene and health problems in the country.

Addressing Prime Minister Modi respectfully in her tweet, she said, “Hello @narendramodi ji, I want to donate 1 Million PKR towards the construction of Toilets in Bharat. Please guide me on where I can make this donation.”


This unexpected and kind-hearted offer from the Pakistani celebrity has not only garnered attention within her home country but has also reverberated across the border, resonating with people on both sides. It stands as a testament to the potential for unity and cooperation between nations, particularly in the realm of addressing fundamental social concerns like sanitation and hygiene.

As the news of Hareem Shah’s generous proposition continues to spread, there is a palpable sense of anticipation regarding how the Indian Prime Minister and his government will respond. This gesture, born out of genuine concern for the well-being and dignity of individuals in need, has the potential to bring about a tangible and positive change in the lives of those lacking access to proper sanitation facilities. It serves as a powerful reminder of the impact that individuals, regardless of nationality or background, can make when they come together for a common cause.

This offer came in the limelight as India has a lukewarm relationship with Canada these days. Is the TikToker trying to woo the Indian govt or is it some kind of publicity stunt? Only time will tell!

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