ICC seeks guarantee from PCB to participate in ODI WC

ICC asked PCB to confirm their participation in ODI World Cup 2023 scheduled in India. But PCB hasn’t given any statement yet. PCB is still on their stance that if Pakistan gets hosting of the Asia Cup & Government grants permission. Pakistan will move in accord with that.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) chairman and CEO are in Lahore to seek guarantees from the PCB. That it will not push for implementing a hybrid model for its matches in the ODI World Cup in India later this year. ICC chairman Greg Barclay and CEO Geoff Allardice have specifically come to Lahore to get some assurances from the Pakistan Cricket Board. On the national team’s participation in the World Cup in October-November.

The development comes after PCB chief Najam Sethi made it clear. That the team will not travel for the World Cup in India if the Rohit Sharma-led side doesn’t visit Pakistan for the preceding Asia Cup. The ICC and World Cup hosts, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) are concerned with the hybrid model.

“Although the hybrid model has been suggested by Sethi for the Asia Cup which precedes the ICC event. The concern remains that once accepted for the regional event the PCB might also then ask the ICC to implement it for the World Cup when it comes to Pakistan playing in India,” he explained.

Sethi has previously stated that the PCB may request the ICC to hold Pakistan’s matches at a neutral site. If the Pakistani government refuses to give permission or has security concerns about sending the team to India.

“Naturally neither the ICC nor the BCCI want such a situation. Since Pakistan’s unequivocal participation in matches in India would guarantee the success of Indo-Pakistan matches and also the tournament itself.”

Jay Shah and his concerns

Another source in the same report said. The primary reason is BCCI Secretary Jay Shah was not entirely willing to accept the hybrid model for the Asia Cup. Or having some matches in Pakistan and the remaining ones in UAE or Sri Lanka. Meanwhile, PCB has maintained that if the tournament is moved to a neutral country. It will not compete at all, a stance which has been repeated by Sethi time and again.

He had also said that if Pakistan does not host any Asia Cup matches. It might negatively affect the World Cup as well.

“The ICC officials are trying to work as a bridge between the PCB and BCCI and resolve the outstanding issues pertaining to the Asia Cup and World Cup.”

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