Coca-Cola taps up Gigi Hadid for a new brand campaign

Coca-Cola has introduced a new global brand campaign and platform. A Recipe for Magic, celebrating “the magic of shared meals” and “the incredible human connections. That happens when we get together with others to enjoy a meal.”

Coca-Cola’s new campaign centers on food as a vehicle for making interpersonal connections. Integrating the soda into special moments around the dinner table. The inspiration for “A Recipe for Magic” comes from research cited in press materials showing that more than 80% of people want to share a meal more often. And over 65% are reminded of the value of connecting with others when eating with someone else. Coca-cola is one of the biggest multinational brands in the world.

“It’s clear people are longing for greater connection in today’s hyper-connected world. And a universal insight is that meals have the power to do just that,” said Elif Kaypak, global brand marketing lead, The Coca-Cola Company, in a press release.

While the feel-good campaign features three large personalities. A network of hundreds of talent will help bring a local touch to whatever market it appears in. Outside of the video featuring Hadid, additional content showcasing the three central talents in the campaign will be featured on TV, social media, and billboards, among other channels.

The 30-second hero spot features Hadid and friends making homemade pasta together before sitting down to eat and toasting with a bottle of Coca-Cola. The ad will run on TV, VOD, cinema, and out-of-home and social throughout April and May. It will be supported by an influencer campaign.

Rolling out globally in all markets the campaign is part of the wider Coca-Cola’s ‘Real Magic’ platform. It will launch globally in markets including the UK, US, Europe, China, and Japan.

Gigi’s career

Gigi Hadid may not be the one to say it, but she truly is the hostess with the most-est — and she’s got the credentials to back it up. Even with a schedule chock-full of literal hosting duties. She just wrapped up her first hosting gig on the freshly premiered second season of Netflix’s Next in Fashion alongside Tan France. High-profile runway appearances, and the typical responsibilities that come with being a mom. The multi-hyphenate still manages to find time to gather around the table and enjoy meals with family and friends. Even if that meal occasionally consists of her 2-year-old daughter’s leftovers (not that she’s complaining).

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