First air taxi finally introduced in Pakistan

Pakistan has launched its first-ever online air taxi service providing people with fast means of transportation within the country. A private company Sky Wings collaborated with foreign investors to launch this modern facility in Karachi. It will be available to individuals in the next two weeks.

Pakistan has achieved a significant milestone by introducing its groundbreaking online air taxi service, revolutionising air travel for its citizens. This innovative service offers individuals the utmost convenience in booking air travel according to their preferred time and destination. Sky Wings brought this groundbreaking service with a collaboration of foreign investors.

With just a few taps on a user-friendly mobile app. Individuals can now reserve an air taxi from the comfort of their homes, mirroring the simplicity of booking a regular taxi.

The official launch of the aerial air taxi service took place in Karachi, marking a momentous occasion. The lease agreement for the highly acclaimed DA 40 Diamond series aircraft was officially signed at the Civil Aviation office adjacent to Karachi Airport.

Sky Wings Aviation Chief Operating Officer (COO), Imran Aslam Khan, expressed his excitement about this milestone. Saying that the aircraft designated for aerial tours has arrived in Pakistan, following a successful test flight. The single-engine plane has a seating capacity of four passengers.

“The primary goal of this air taxi service is to provide emergency transportation from Karachi to remote areas in rural Sindh and Balochistan through aerial tours,” he said.

As per the details, the air travel service will help in boosting tourism in the country. The journey from Karachi to Gwadar will take approximately three hours. While Nawabshah can be reached within a short timeframe of one hour and 15 minutes. “Initially, the air taxi service will commence with eight aircraft of different capacities, with plans to add more planes shortly. Importantly, this service is not limited to political, religious, or business personalities. But will be accessible to individuals from all walks of life,” the COO said.

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