Hilarious replies to Viralnom’s Eid-ul-Fitr festivity pole

Viralnom posted a pole on all social media handles for the Eid-ul-Fitr festivity. Got tons of replies that are hilarious and festival appropriate. Today we will discuss the results of our festivity pole and positively manifest our Eid.

Eid is around the corner, probably will fall this weekend around the globe. So one of our talented writer Aqsa Azam has a freaky idea. She posted a pole on viralnom’s social media account and ask a basic yet lively question. Soon after posting, our amazing viewers starts sharing their elegant answers. Some are hilarious while some are heart breaking. In short our festivity pole let people out their inner most desires and wishes for the Eid 2023.

So after a whole lot of answers we made a list of few things that made people excited for this festival. In today’s article we will discuss top 5 hilarious answers we gather from the pole.


Ladies never have cloths and this is a universal fact. So they find any excuse to barge markets and hoard their wardrobes. Eid is the best way to shop for those blingy and luxurious cloths. It is a Sunnah SAW to wear new cloths on Eid. But we Desis made it so extravagant and extra that sometimes we ignore needy while buying stuff for solely ourselves.

All major brings out their best collections on the event of Eid. Teenagers specially girls accessorize them with all the extra bling to make a statement on Eid. We all should wear best cloths but also not forget the unfortunate one who cannot afford them One of the response from overseas were that he could not afford his cloths on Eid but he gets excited when his kids wear a new one. This type of rendition makes the society humble and lively.

Eidi / Money

Spouses often give jewelry, clothes, watches, perfume, or makeup. Parents may give their children clothes, shoes, toys, books, or electronic gadgets. Parents and in-laws may give adult children clothes or cosmetics. Friends usually give each other eidi cards. Siblings usually give each other eidi cards.

Whether they’re old or young, it is something that is encouraged in Islam. However, not all Muslims accept Eidiyah. Some people believe the festival has become commercialized, leading them to limiting or giving up Eidi. Sometimes gifting money to children is simply not part of the tradition.

Applying Henna comes third on festivity pole

Henna application is part of the Islam culture and tradition, a lot of Muslim women wear it at a wedding and various celebrations, including Eid.

In the coming days or weeks, don’t be surprised if you see our fellow Muslim sisters with wonderful and breathtaking henna Art on their nails and skin.

“Our religion encourages women to beautify themselves and look good. In the time of Prophet Muhammad, women used it on nails and palms but as time went on, people started using it as decorative art,” Said Abdullah, mehndi artist

Henna was also used by the Prophet Muhammad to dye his beard and his daughter, Fatima, used to make drawings on parts of his hands and palms. Likewise, Abu Bakar, the first caliph, also dyed his hair red.

Feasting with loved ones

For breakfast, Muslims indulge in rich dishes before offering congregational Eid prayers. Prayers are offered at the mosque or outdoor spaces to facilitate the large numbers of people attending. Families and friends then slowly gather together, throughout the day, to enjoy a rich, opulent feast, at which time loved ones also often exchange gifts and money.

Some people also like to cook dishes like lamb shanks, known as nihari, and serve it with either a flatbread, say naan.

If you have any space left after snacking and lunching, then you may consider finishing off with some homemade Gulab jamun, rasmalai, kheer or firni for afters. Sweet zarda and handmade biscuits like nankhatai are firm favourites, especially with a cup of tea. If however, you’re not keen on Indian sweets then a fresh cream cake is perfectly acceptable too. Who could say no to cake?

Eid al-Fitr also known as, the ‘festival of breaking the fast’ is a joyous occasion that marks the end of Ramadan, a month of fasting for Muslims, when they abstain from food and drink between dawn and sunset.

Ramadan is one of the five pillars of Islam and Eid al-Fitr is significant in celebrating the end of a very intense month of fasting, prayer, self-reflection and charity. It is a time for families and friends to come together and rejoice with food and drink, gift each other presents and dress up in new clothes.

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