Azad Chaiwala second marriage website is unique venture

Social Media Influencer Azad Chaiwala has made a Second Marriage website for men that will help them find their second wife. Yes, you read it right. A dating website has recently been launched that aims at connecting men looking to marry twice, thrice, or for the fourth time.

British entrepreneur Azad Chaiwala launched marriage website, called Second Wife, back in 2017. He claims that the idea of the website “came about from my need, and thinking there’ll be other people in my situation.” Chaiwala, who is of Pakistani origin, stated in an interview. that he was only 12 years old when he “came out” as polygamous.

“I told everybody I knew. And I announced it. I told everyone I was polygamous”. So much so that he had told his wife before marrying her that she wouldn’t be his only wife. However, he did face several hurdles in his quest to find a second wife as Azad Chaiwala states at one point. “There was a taboo about the subject. No family member wanted to help me find a second wife.”

The website is designed to promote polygamy, the practice of having multiple spouses. And it caters to Muslim men who accept polygamy as a lifestyle. Moreover, The website’s introduction explains that it was created to revive the Sunnah and promote old-fashioned values, morality, and fidelity.

It offers a matchmaking service for practicing Muslims who are seeking marriage and accept polygamy. The website claims to be the largest Muslim polygamy matchmaking service with private, verified profiles. It has over 35,000 members, particularly in Leicester.

Problems in this concept

While Chaiwala argues that his website is wholesome, not everyone agrees. To start off with, polygamy isn’t allowed in the UK. Where the entrepreneur is based and is punishable to up to 7 years in prison.

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Another problem with the website is that it has the potential to leave people. Women especially, in a position to be exploited. It is unclear what protocols have been set up to ensure that the people who sign up are actually looking to find a wife. Instead of simply satisfying their physical needs under the guise of a second marriage.

Azad Chaiwala is a controversial figure, especially among the Pakistanis. He has constantly been found to promote not getting an education, especially for women. His believes that education destroys women have been the centre of criticism from men and women alike.

With the SecondWife, people have once again started flooding mixed opinions on the internet. He is being quoted chauvinist, misogynist, and many other names among these.

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