Jubin Nautiyal copied Tahir shah’s ‘Eye to Eye’

Netizens are bashing famous singer Jubin Nautiyal for copying Pakistani composition in his latest song. The singer has recently released a new song “Mast Ankhain”. That compels the audience to think it is quite similar to Tahir Shah’s Eye-to Eye.

One of Taher Shah’s most “legendary” songs from Pakistani history comes to mind when someone speaks the phrase “Eye to eye”. As it was the song that shattered the internet there in 2013. In addition to gaining exceptional popularity, the humorous song gave Pakistanis some of the best and funniest memes ever. Jubin Nautiyal, an Indian singer who has previously come under fire for stealing Pakistani songs, has released the song “Mast Ankhein“. Many can’t help but wonder if the singer was inspired by Taher Shah’s popular song “Eye to Eye” once more.

This time, a music composer from Nautiyal’s own country noticed the startling similarity between the song’s music and tune. Jumani asked his followers on Instagram if he was the only one “who thinks that the song was inspired” by Taher Shah’s “Eye to Eye” in a video comparison of Jubin Nautiyal’s “Mast Ankhain” and Taher Shah’s song.

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Jumani said in the clip. “I just heard this new song called Mast Aankhein on T-series and this is how Jubin Nautiyal looks in the video“. Nautiyal wears long, curly hair styled exactly the way Shah would style his. And looks straight into the camera with his sharp eyes piercing into your soul.

History of plagiarism

A lot of Indian people reacted to his video. Many Indians believed that too, they said that T-Series has been doing it forever. Indians made fun of their singer for blatantly copying every tune. Many people wrote that they instantly recalled Tahir Shah after the composer hinted at the song being a copy.

Bollywood media industry is popularly known for acing the art of plagiarism. The Bollywood media industry copies the tunes, scripts and situations blatantly without giving credit to the original creators. In past, Indian filmmakers, drama makers & musicians shamelessly copied a lot of popular Pakistani content. Including Dhoop Kinaray, Mere Paas Tum Ho, Buhey Baarian, Nach Punjaban, Bol Kaffara and Meri Zindagi Hai TU. There are still many uncovered things too which are copied.

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