Aurat March is accommodating working class on International Women’s Day

The annual Aurat March will take place where women will leave their homes to demand their rights on International Women’s Day. As it will fall on a weekday this year. The Karachi wing has decided to reschedule and move the protest to March 12, Sunday. To accommodate working-class women.

The annual Aurat March, where women leave their homes to march for their rights on Women’s Day, will take place in March. To accommodate working-class women so they can participate without fear of losing their jobs. The famous protest from Karachi has chosen to delay and move the march to March 12, which is a Sunday.

Taking to Instagram, they posted on Tuesday, “This year, Aurat March Karachi will take place on March 12. The caption said, “We continue to stand in complete solidarity with the Aurat Marches that will be placed on March 8, 2023. In Hyderabad, Lahore, Islamabad, and Multan.

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In the post, the organizers spoke about what women will be marching for this year and it included. “Our hunger, social security, a living wage, an end to bonded labor, rehabilitation of flood victims, an end to mob violence, an end to domestic violence. The Transgender Persons Protection Act 2018 and to end forced conversions”.

International Women’s Day

They explained their reasons for the delay. “On account of March 8 being a weekday. We have decided to hold Aurat March in Karachi on Sunday, March 12. Instead, the working class communities we work with do not have to experience the distress of losing out on a day of wages. The march will be held with all its fire and energy on March 12, 2023.”

Protests and marches like these have a special influence on society. Every year thousands of women face harassment and abuse. But after such protests and debates, a different argument started. It helps thousands of women to get their rights effectively.

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