Dasu Dam new tunnel inaugurated, Said WAPDA

The under-construction Dasu Dam crossed a major milestone the other day. As the mighty River Indus was successfully diverted following the completion of one of the two diversion tunnels. Instead of its natural course. River Indus is now flowing through a 1.33-Kilometer (Km) long diversion tunnel with a 20-meter (m) width 23-height.

This is, indeed, a remarkable achievement of WAPDA. As construction activities have been initiated on the starter dam, leading toward the construction of the main dam of Dasu dam. It is also important to note that the 1.5 km long second tunnel, with 20m width and 23m height. Will also be ready by mid-April this year to cater to the increased water flows during the high-flows season. It would mean an unhindered continuation of construction activities throughout the year on this vital project. Which would generate 4,320 MW of electricity in two stages. Under construction stage one with a generation capacity of 2,160 MW is likely to become operational from 2026. While the second stage with equal generation capacity.

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The 2,160 MW stage-II, when implemented, will also provide 9 billion units to the National Grid. On completion of both stages, Dasu will become the project with the highest annual energy generation in Pakistan i.e. 21 billion units per annum on average. While lauding the hard work done by WAPDA, we would urge the authorities concerned to concentrate on accelerating the pace of implementation of the Diamer-Bhasha dam. As well, as the cost of which is escalating due to our lackluster attitude. No doubt, the country is facing a financial crunch and it is difficult to spare resources for speedy implementation. But the enormous benefits of the hydro-power projects for the national economy make the investment worth making.

Minor Problems

The dam will be 242 meters (794 feet) tall and will support a 4,320-megawatt hydropower station. Built in two stages of 2,160 megawatts each. The power plant is anticipated to commence generating electricity in late 2024. With stage I planned to be completed by early 2025. Water from the reservoir will be channeled to the power station located about 3.5 kilometers (2.2 miles) downstream. With power generation from the first stage scheduled for 2026-27. Due to land acquisition problems, the Covid pandemic, and other factors. WAPDA has reported that the expected completion of Dasu Stage-I Hydropower Project has been pushed to FY 2026-27.

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