Rescue 1122 got appreciation during its rescue operations in Turkey

‘Don’t lose hope: Pakistani rescuers bring relief to Türkiye quake survivors. Military and Rescue 1122 teams landed in Türkiye on Tuesday along with specially-trained sniffer dogs and equipment.

The Pakistan Rescue 1122 team of 52 personnel landed in Türkiye on Tuesday. As did two military teams with a total of 33 soldiers along with specially-trained sniffer dogs and search and rescue equipment. So far, they’ve rescued five survivors from under the debris of residential buildings in Adiyaman. Pakistan has flown three C 130 military transport planes to Adana province. While two Pakistan Airlines flights carrying the search and rescue teams landed in Istanbul.

Another C130 flight is expected to land on Friday carrying medical supplies, tents, and blankets. “Pakistan is also mulling to ship aid for earthquake victims in trucks using the Islamabad-Tehran-Istanbul route” said an official to Anadolu Agency. On Wednesday night, Ambassador Yousaf Junaid and Pakistani Embassy staff visited a municipal donation point in the capital Ankara. Delivering relief goods for earthquake survivors, including jackets, shoes, food, water, baby food, diapers, and sanitary items.

“I am confident, that with the traditional Turkish spirit of overcoming all obstacles and defeating all challenges. The Turkish nation will emerge out of this catastrophe stronger than ever and you will find the people of Pakistan always standing with you,” Junaid said.

More relief work

The Pakistani Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and the federal cabinet of Pakistan decided to donate their one-month salary to the relief fund. On the instructions of the Prime Minister, the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) is mobilizing all available resources including winterized tents, blankets, and other critical life-saving supplies. Urban Search and Rescue Teams trained to operate in disaster-hit areas are being dispatched with their equipment and medicines. 16 aid trucks carrying winter tents and blankets set off from the city of Lahore to Turkey.

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Chairman of the Pakistan Red Crescent Society Sardar Shahid Ahmed Laghari, has donated 50,000 dollars to the Turkish Embassy in Pakistan. For the relief and recovery of earthquake victims in Turkey. An anonymous Pakistani American businessman living in the United States donated US$30 million to the Turkey-Syria earthquake victims according to officials.

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