The amazing “Treason”you all have to watch, here’s why

The New Netflix limited series Treason is out and it is a must-watch. The acting of Charlie Cox and company keep you hooked until the last moment. The main part of the season is the powerful imagery of all female characters.

Taking inspiration from Netflix’s political dramas of the past like House of Cards and more recently Anatomy of a Scandal. Treason once again shows the audience that government hierarchy can sometimes play very differently behind the scenes, even bringing one’s demise into the mix.

With several successes under his belt at Britain’s spy agency, MI6, Adam’s career is on the upswing. But after his boss (Hinds) narrowly survives an assassination attempt, Adam takes over. Soon, though, his past begins to catch up with him. First, there’s a compromising rendezvous with a deadly former flame (Kurylenko). Then there’s his wife (Chaplin), who grows increasingly suspicious about the secrets he’s keeping — and with whom he’s keeping them.

With the story of Treason being filled with as many twists and turns as the cast does with acting and producing credits, this is definitely a miniseries that you want to engage in as the actors and actresses make this show both mesmerizing and heart-pounding. Be careful with the connections you make though, as you may end up forgetting which side you began on.

The most favorite stint of the show is the portrayal of female characters. Oona Chaplin who is the great-granddaughter of Charlie Chaplin played a part of the wife, step mom, and supporter amazingly. She single-handedly carried the show with her mature expressions and delicate choices.

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Olga Kurylenko and Tracy Lfeachor are Russian and American spies respectively. They portrayed the strong woman in the series. Men in this series are mostly getting manipulated, poisoned or being played continuously. It is the women who are taking all the important decisions. This is the beauty of this political, criminal drama.

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