BMW came up with the color changing fancy car idea

Famous car manufacturer BMW introduces a new idea of car that changes color according to its user’s mood and likings. This is one of a kind vehicle in the market. According to experts, this type of car can bring revolution.

Like the offerings of most luxury automakers, the names of BMW models and trim levels can sometimes be a mouthful. Unless you’re intimately familiar with the array of numbers and made-up words that represent engine power and features. The names are also likely completely meaningless to the average person.

Well, BMW has a couple new mouthfuls in the mix, the iX Flow featuring E Ink and the i Vision Dee concept cars. As usual, the names don’t tell you much about them. These two, though, are a feast for the eyes unlike any other BMW, and any other car, out there.

This means that the i Vision Dee which looks like a kind of cross between a vintage BMW and a Tesla can change colors on command. Instead of just black, white, and gray, 32 colors are now available. Not only that but the i Vision Dee is made up of 240 E Ink e-paper segments. All of which can be controlled individually. This means the i Vision Dee can shift to one solid color or put on one hell of a light show.

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BMW first showed off the colour-changing e-ink technology with last year’s black-and-white iX Flow. Which imagined it being used to match the driver’s mood and conserve energy. On hot, sunny days, white cars will stay cooler than black ones because they reflect more sunlight. Similarly, on cold days, dark exterior colors help the car absorb more sunlight, and therefore more heat. BMW says this can reduce the amount of heating or cooling needed to condition the car on hot or cold days. Which will improve its overall operating efficiency even if the difference is slight.

BMW also revealed its fancy, updated Head-Up Display for the i Vision Dee, which is a high tech, customisable digital, mixed reality panel that sits across the whole windscreen. Drivers can access driving info, communications, AR projection, and “virtual worlds” on their windscreens. Plus, the car comes with dimmable windows.

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