Mount Kailash: Centre of so many mysteries

Mount Kailash is one of the most sacred and unique places on the earth. The center Shiv and Buddha lovers take this place as a holy pilgrimage. It has so many mysteries that dazzle the world amazingly.

Mount Kailash is one of the peaks found in the Kailash ranges which is spread across India and Tibet. Mount Kailash is believed to be the holy abode of Lord Shiva. He is said to be in eternal meditation along with his consort Parvati and his much-loved vehicle Nandi. At an elevation of 6,656 meters above sea level, Mt.Kailash is not a high mountain in Tibet. But it’s been worshipped as a famous sacred site by countless people of Buddhism, Bon, Hinduism, and Jainism.

Strangely but its shape is like the pyramid of Egypt. Therefore, it is known as the “Biggest Man-made Pyramid”. It is rated as the “Pillar of the World”. And like this, many interesting things about Mount Kailash will surprise and force you to visit this mystic creation of nature. Here are the famous mysteries that are told by many people as well as approved by NASA.

Nobody has ever summit this mountain

It is deemed to be the abode of Lord Shiva and his consort, Goddess Parvati, by Hindus, the deity Demchok by Buddhists Rishabhadeva by Jains, TagzigOlmo Lung Ring, or the “nine-story Swastika mountain by Bon religion. Many mountain explorers failed incessantly or lost their lives in their endeavor to summit the mountain.

It is deemed that no human soul can ever conquer the mountain and now it’s prohibited, owing to its sanctity of it. In Tibetan texts, it is written that Shambala, a spiritual country is located in the northwest of Kailash. It is said climbing mount Kailash will offend the gods.

Mount Kailash is an ice pyramid

Scientists have discovered that the top of Mt. Kailash is actually a man-made vacuum pyramid. It is surrounded by more than 100 other small pyramids. According to preliminary estimates, the direct height of the pyramid complex is between 100 and 1,800 meters. While the Egyptian pyramid is only 146 meters. If true, it would be larger than any known pyramid today.

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Centre of the Earth

According to the research of various scientists, it has been stated that Mount Kailash is the axis of rotation of the celestial sphere. Having mentioned in the Vedas and the mythological book, Ramayana, Kailash Parvat has also been scientifically discovered as the axis Mundi. Various studies have proven that the quintessential divine peak is the center of the world and is connected to significant monuments around the globe. The historic landmark in England, Stonehenge, is 6666 km away from here. The same dimension goes with the North Pole, which is also 6666 km from the Mount. And the distance doubles exactly with the South Pole, which is exactly 13332 km away from the peak.

Mount Kailash is a link between Earth and Heaven

The four faces of Mount Kailash face the four directions of the compass. According to the Vedas, the mountain is a link between heaven and earth. The followers of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism believe that the peak is the gateway to heaven. The Pandavas along with Draupadi are believed to have attained moksha whilst trekking up the peak, with one of them falling off before reaching the summit.

It is also a center called Axis Mundi (Cosmic axis). Axis Mundi means the navel or celestial pole of the world and the center of the geographical pole. It is a connection point between the heavens and the earth where ten directions meet. According to Rasiya scientists, Axis Mundi is the place where supernatural forces flow and you can also make contact with those powers.

Eccentric shape of Lakes around mountain

he first is Mansarovar which is one of the highest purity water lakes in the world and its size is in front of the sun and the second is the “lake called Monster” which is one of the highest saltwater lakes in the world and is shaped like the moon. . Both of these lakes exhibit solar and lunar forces that are related to positive and negative energy, It is still a mystery whether these lakes were formed naturally or that they were built like this.

Origin of all major rivers

Four rivers originated from the four directions of Mount Kailash, those rivers are Brahmaputra Indus Sutlej Karnali. Other rivers in China, including the Ganges Saraswati, have also originated from these rivers.

One Can Witness Time Travel

Those who visited the holy mountain, have claimed that they have noticed a rapid growth, especially of the nails and hair. The growth of the nails and hair that takes about 2 weeks in normal conditions, takes place, here, in span of just 12 hours; the mountain air contributes to the rapid aging process.

Mystery of Human and Sky lighting on mount kailash

The Himalayan people say that human beings live in the Himalayas. Some call him a brown bear, some call him a wild human, some call him a snowman, and the belief prevails that he kills and consumes people. In 20 years, more than 30 scientists have claimed that snow humans are found in the snowy areas of the Himalayas.

It is claimed that seven types of lights were seen shining in the sky of Mount Kailash many times. NASA scientists believe this may have happened due to the magnetic force here. The magnetic force here can meet the sky and create such things many times. Whatever may be the friends, even today the mystery remains in front of the world. It is said that no one can know the glory of God Bhole unless you join him.

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