Famous TV actor Firdous Jamal died

There are many rumors circulating that Firdous Jamal has died. However, all of them are false. Firdous Jamal is alive and healthy. Firdous Jamal is a seasoned actor in Pakistani television and film. He is incredibly talented and well-liked. Firdous Jamal has performed as an actor on stage, on screen, and on television. Some of his well-known plays include Manchalay Ka Sauda, Waris, Pyare Afzal, Daagh, Gul O Gulzaar, Thora Sa Shak, and Mor Moharan. He started his acting career in Hindko dramas and quickly became well-known. He has so far made contributions to a large number of well-liked television series.

Recent cancer research led to the veteran actor’s diagnosis, and he is now undergoing treatment. Firdous Jamal has recently addressed all the health-related rumors that have been spread by different people or political organizations. He said in a video, “Alhamdulillah, I am alive. Yes, I am ill and receiving treatment, but I will experience the time of my life as provided by Allah.” There were some people on social media platforms that claimed that Firdous Jamal has died because of cancer.

In addition, he said that even though Allah is in charge of all things, it is heartening that the government has acknowledged this. He commended the government’s action, calling it admirable that they had identified him as a national asset and sent assistance. He expressed his gratitude to Maryam Aurangzeb and Pakistani Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif for their prompt assistance. Moreover, he said that he couldn’t do anything to stop anyone from misinterpreting his words. He also doesn’t hold himself responsible for any party believing that his future was in jeopardy because of the PM’s cooperation. 

Fans prayed for the veteran actor and sent him their best wishes. They offered the renowned Pakistani actor their sincere prayers and well wishes for his health. May Allah bestow upon him the healthiest condition and a quick recovery.

A check for Rs. 10 million was given to veteran performer Firdous Jamal on Wednesday by the government. Engineer Ameer Muqam, advisor to the PM on political and public affairs gave him the check for his cancer treatment. 

Mr. Dar claimed that the government’s ownership of the artist community was a gesture of goodwill. Despite the fact that Jamal had not requested financial assistance from the government, the PM had shown kindness, according to him.

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