Standard Chartered Bank honored as Forbes’ World’s Best Employer list for another year

Forbes has just honored Standard Chartered Bank as the World’s Best Employer for another year. Standard Chartered bank is a worldwide provision of banking and financial services. The bank offers financial services in over 50 countries all across the world. These 50 countries employ over 80,000 employees in a single year. These countries include India, the USA, Canada, Pakistan, and many others to name. Every year, Forbes announces the best employer of the year. Forbes evaluates this honor by various aspects of any company. Each year, Forbes analyzes the performance and employee satisfaction level. Forbes also keeps an eye out for gender equality in the workplace as well. 

Last year, Forbes announced that Standard Chartered Bank was one of the best employers in the world. However, this year the title is given again to the Standard Chartered Bank. According to Standard Chartered Bank, they conducted a poll from around 150,000 workers across 57 countries. Standard Chartered Bank stood at 257th rank for the year 2022 in terms of the best employer. Standard Chartered Bank fulfilled all the necessary conditions to make it top of the list. These include conditions such as working environment, satisfaction level, gender equality, and workforce diversity. The SC bank claims that women such as 14 CEOs hold 30% of their senior roles. Standard Chartered offers banking and financial services. Moreover, corporate and Institutional Banking, Retail Banking, Commercial Banking, Private Banking, and Central and other Items are its operating segments. 

The Corporate and Institutional Banking segment assisted clients with transaction banking, corporate finance, financial markets, and borrowing requirements. Moreover, this segment also helps with meeting the needs of businesses in the banking sector. Along with that, the retail banking segment provides digital banking services like deposits, payments, financing, and wealth management. 

Besides that, the commercial banking segment offers global financial products and services in industries. These include industries such as corporate finance, trade finance, cash management, and financial markets. The private banking segment offers a variety of credit, wealth management, and investment solutions. 

Moreover, other operations such as corporate center costs, treasury markets, treasury activities, some strategic investments, and the UK bank levy are also included in the segment for central and other items. The Standard Chartered Bank established its business on November 18, 1969.

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