Balochistan gets its first-ever female police station

Finally a ray of change occur in this dark times. Balochistan’s first women police station will bring a lot of changes in the region. More opportunities for justice, equality and freedom will prevail.

Balochistan is one of the four provinces of Pakistan. It is an arid desert. It has a mountainous geographic region in South and Western Asia. Baluchistan borders the Pashtunistan region to the north, Sindh, and Punjab to the east, and Persian regions to the west. Whereas, Female Police Station is on the northern side of Baluchistan.

Poverty, Terrorism, Illiteracy, Overpopulation, inflation, and unemployment are the major problems of Baluchistan. However, this province has too many natural resources. Due to political instability, it always lacks to use their benefit. Baluchistan is immensely beautiful. The coastal areas of this province have breathtaking views.

The government of Pakistan (GOP) is trying to overcome terrorism in the state. Pakistan Army has played a major role in this. Many of the terrorists are being killed and got caught by the army. GOP is also trying to overcome poverty, inflation, and unemployment. It is a slow process emerges as a butterfly effect. GOP is confident that one day issues of the state will be solved.

Initiative for Females in Balochistan

QUETTA: Pakistan’s southwest Balochistan territory on Wednesday sent off its first female police headquarters. However, the lady’s access to equity in a district is generally denied of it. Therefore, the police station for females only came into being for the first time.

The literacy rate of women in Balochistan is too low. Only 27% is the literacy rate among women. Cultural barriers have stopped women in the area to grow. However, it prevented girls and women in the region from seeking police help on their own. With the police station run by 19 female cops in Quetta, the provincial capital, authorities trust ladies will want to get to all police administrations. This will help females to document all kinds of cases, including abusive behavior at home and sexual abuse.

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Although women’s police centers have been gaining popularity as a measure to address domestic violence. Females are mostly felt hesitant to give their statement to the male officer about sexual abuse. However, if the officer is the female victim will feel more comfortable talking about every little thing.

Inauguration of Female Police Station

Muhammad Tahir Raye has inaugurated the station. However, it took a long but in the end, it came into being. He is the Balochistan Inspector General of Police. Whereas, Station House Officer Zarghoona Tareen was also present at the inauguration. She was confident that this will help empowerment of women in Balochistan.

“Now our women can visit the first Women Smart Police Station anytime without any hesitation and they will be welcomed and treated well by the women police staff deployed inside the Women Police Station,” Balochistan Inspector General of Police Muhammad Tahir Raye told reporters while inaugurating the station.
“We have installed a modern digitalized system and trained the female police staff to keep connected the Women Police Station with other Police Station from across the province in order to receive complaints from every corner of Balochistan,”
he said.

Station Police Officer Zarghoona Tareen said, “Following cultural and tribal barriers, women in Balochistan were barred from visiting police stations. But now we are able to provide them shelter under one roof and our staff would utilize all efforts to solve their problems immediately,” 

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