Karachi Greenline fully operational with 80 busses on the road

Karachi Green Line bus service has now become entirely operational with approximately 80 buses, and their route will be from Surjani town to Numaish chowrangi, and the timings will be 7 am-10 pm.

Karachi Greenline Busses
Karachi Greenline Busses

If we discuss the timings of Karachi Greenline bus, then each bus waits for only three minutes and then starts. If you have missed it, there is no need to worry about. Because other buses will come after every 3-4 minutes. You only need to have tickets for the bus, and there are two ways of using those tickets.

1: Booth Ticketing

You have to buy a ticket of PKR 55. It doesn’t matter how far you will travel, To the station ahead or the last station. The price will be only 55rs.

2: Digital Cards for Karachi Greenline

You can get a digital fare card for PKR 100. And after reaching your station, scratch your card in the machine, and it will charge according to per kilometer.

There will be multiple options for buying tickets in the future, but for now, there are only two ways.

All about the Karachi Greenline Bus Rapid Transit System

Pakistan has significant issues of pollution to overcome this problem. Green buses are constructed with two options of fuel and electricity and these busses also has little carbon emission. The buses has capacity of almost 150 people. The portions are divided like the front one is for ladies, the middle area is for families, and the back area is for men. Another fantastic fact is that it has some reserved seats for the disabled ones.


Vending Machines

Vending machines are the most advanced machines of this era used in the UK.

According to the senior manager of the bus station, “Abdul Aziz.” His narrative was:

You will also be able to buy tickets through vending machines, these machines will be seen in approx 2-3 weeks, and just in some months, you will be able to pay from credit cards because they will be attaching POS machines.

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These highly advanced machines are brought to Pakistan from Turkey to make the transport system better. It was high time because people were facing plenty of hurdles every minute due to transport issues, especially in local transport. It’s a fantastic decision by the Pakistan government as they have introduced green line buses with vending machines. Additionally, after some time, there will surely be more modifications that will come that they will be offering cards. So, people won’t go into each other’s contact.

The second option will be topping up the bus cards with your mobile apps to be more feasible for everyone while paying bills through easy paisa, etc. This all can be done while sitting on your sofa at home.

Non-fare Revenue for Karachi Greenline Busses

According to the narrative of the senior manager of bus station “Abdul Aziz”:

The government can charge from bus revenue and non-fare revenue with the help of ads.

What work is left at the Greenline Stations?

Some incomplete work like escalators and lifts are not entirely operational, which might be problematic for some aged people, but it will be completed once machines are installed.

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