Taliban circling in on Ghani Government’s last resort ‘Kabul’

The Capital city, Kabul in a state of complete power outrage, as Taliban close in near the borders. Residents continue to flee the city in large numbers

An aircraft takes from the airport in Kabul as the Taliban closes in on the city
An aircraft takes from the airport in Kabul as the Taliban closes in on the city.
Photograph: Wakil Kohsar/AFP/Getty Images

KABUL, AFGHANISTAN – Taliban militants, before the sunrise of 15th August, have stormed near Kabul and have circled around its outskirts. The circle around the city is expected to get smaller as Taliban militants continue to move in. With Taliban forces guiding Kabul’s entrance and the areas surrounding it, it is difficult for help and resources to arrive. Predictions suggest that the city might soon fall into the hands of Taliban, thus sooner or later over turning the Ashraf Ghani government and establishing Taliban rule.

The US intelligence previously suggested that it would take Taliban almost 30 days to reach Kabul, however Taliban forces have managed to surround it in just a few days. This is surely devastating for the Afghanis and non Afghanis that came from other cities to seek refugee in Kabul, thinking that they will be safe here.

As Taliban forces circled in on Kabul, the city faced a power outrage. As of now there battles between the Afghan government and Taliban are happening at multiple points.

The sudden circling in and the power outrage has shadowed the city with a veil of fear. Both Afghan nationals and people from abroad, have now started to flee the city. While the richer segment of the city will be able to afford air fare and flee to other countries before Taliban gets in the city, a large population will have to stay in Kabul.

What the coming days might bring for Afghanistan

Both the Taliban and President Ghani have been stubborn with their approaches and have insisted on fighting rather than finding neutral solutions. The Taliban have previously announced that it will only stop the fight once Ghani resigns. Ghani on the other hand has taken no notice of Taliban’s warnings. Rather kept continuing discussions with foreign ambassadors and warlords.

While fighting in Kabul will continue for sometime taking many lives in the process. It is however predictable that President Ghani might resign to limit the loss of life in the city. He have also been facing international pressures to do so.

If the Taliban are successful in their capture of Kabul and establish government in Afghanistan. It would certainly be difficult for people that do not want to follow conservative (not so) Islamic practices to survive. It will be even more difficult for the women. This is because Taliban (claims to respect women rights under Islam) but fails to do so. An example of this is in Kandahar, where Taliban militants ordered women to leave banking jobs and universities at gun point.

Taliban after taking over Kabul, declared the end of war


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