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<strong>Recycling problem with Wind Turbine Blades</strong>

Recycling problem with Wind Turbine Blades

In the U.S, researchers anticipate that over the next 20 years the country will dispose of more than 720,000 tons of wind turbine blades material. A figure that does not include the newer, taller, higher-capacity turbines. Recycling option and Issue: There are few options to recycle or toss wind turbine blades, and those options that do exist are expensive, partly due to the youth of the wind industry in the United States. Investment opportunities are to be found in this industry. A job creator in the Midwest and Great Plains. A good solution for environmentalists is in fact plague with a waste problem. With more countries diverting resources to advancing this sustainable form of energy generation. Wind energy capacity has skyrocketed since its introduction to the market. Worl...