Is your Birthday common or unique? Lets find out

September has the most common birthdays while February 29 has the least births. There are so many factors that may influence the data. In this article, we will discuss a few of them.

Have you ever noticed that we have a lot of birthdays post-mid of the year rather than in other months? We all have friends whose birthdays fall in August or September. It is by far the most common or as desi, we can say monsoon of kid’s month. In Pakistan or Asia most the weddings occur from November to February.

So most blessed couples start having their kids by the end of August to the end of September. A study was done in the USA regarding the factors that can effect the number of conceiving of kids in particular months.

The most common reason was the temperature. Season and Women’s body temperature get along in winter, commonly known as the “holiday season”. It increases the sex drive and the fertility rate is increased by greater means. So beautiful weather, nice cuddles, and fertility booster play a major role, and women get pregnant quickly.

Famous dates and months

Though September dominates the top ten most common birthdays, August is the most common birth month. As it turns out, September 16 is the most common birthday of the year, while my birth date—September 9—comes in second. September has 10 of the most common birthdays of the year overall—which means that Christmas break is a busy time of year for many couples.

According to the birth data, there were just under 7,600,000 births in August between 1994 and 2014. The second most common birth month is July, with 7,500,795 births and September in third place with 7,411,299. It’s worth noting, though, that both July and August have 31 days in the month while September only has 30. The least common birth month is predictably February, which only has 28 days.

The least common birthday in the world is February 29th. This day only comes around once every four years, and therefore has a population of less than one percent. Those who are born on this day are often called “leaplings” or “leapers”. Celebrating a birthday on February 29th can be tricky, as it is not always easy to find meaningful ways to commemorate such an uncommon occasion. Nevertheless, those who have the privilege of sharing a birthday on this special day often consider themselves lucky!

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